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HD sails involvement with the Scorpion class began in 2001 when Andy Davis started developing Scorpion sails for the 2008 Olympian Stevie Morrison. Andy went on to spend 2 years campaigning in the class full time and has sailed the boats on and off ever since. He has won 2 national titles giving him vital insight into the design and this has paid dividends with his latest sails. In recent years Andy’s Scorpion sail designs have won 3 of the last 4 national championships including the 2011 title and the last 2 Silver Scorpion travellers titles. They have also won numerous open meetings and other major events.

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All  Scorpion sails prices include VAT



Panel Layout Cross cut Panel Layout Cross cut
Cloth type Maxx / 3.8oz Dacron Cloth type RSQ4.55
Battens HD Custom Epoxy Wire standard 1×19 3mm,
Numbers Black Luff Stuff
Cunningham block Hi-load HA2020 Tell tales Included
Sail bag Included Windows Included
Foot Loose foot/clew strap/Foot Rope Leech Hot cut with flutter patches
Tell tales Included Sail bag Included
Other Specify mast when ordering Price £384.98 inc VAT  

£47.50 extra for Zip Luff

Price Maxx £1,092.44 inc VAT for a rope footed mainsail,  £1,072.50 inc VAT for loose footed mainsail

/ 3.8oz Dacron £902.11 inc VAT

Panel layout Radial/Cross cut    
Cloth 0.75oz Dynakote    
Other Please specify bag/chute Boat    
Seams Glued and sewn    
Sail bag Included    
Price £589.16 inc VAT    

Scorpion Tuning Guide by Tom Jeffcoate  Scorpion Tuning Guide

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