HD Sails have designed a set of Miracle sails to give excellent performance across the wind range. We have been working closely with long standing Miracle sailors Dave Southwell & Wayne Atherton. The 2014 season has seen Wayne & crew Angela have a great year winning the Inland Championship, Northern Area Championship, Welsh Area Championships.

HD Miracle Mainsail, built with a block radial clew to give stability to the bottom batten and to disperse the load evenly in to the sail. The head is also built radially. We use Contenders RS3 Dacron which is excellent for the smaller sized dinghy’s and gives great longevity. The mainsail also comes with a large window in the foot of the sail, custom HD epoxy battens,  sail bag, numbers and insignia.

Cost £616.00 inc VAT

HD Miracle Jib, again like the mainsail we have built the sail with a block radial clew and radial head to disperse the loads evenly. We also use Contender’s RS3 Dacron. The jib comes with a window, tell tales and a bag.

Cost £291.50 inc VAT

HD Miracle Spinnaker, built in a cross cut design. The spinnaker has been made to give excellent projection when running and to give power when reaching.

Cost £434.50 inc VAT

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