Flying 15

Andy & Jim have both had experience in the Flying Fifteen class. Jim won the National Championships with renowned Championship crew Jim Turner and Andy Finished 2nd at the Europeans with Andy Couch using HD flying 15 sails. 

flying 15 sails

Andy & Jim have used their knowledge of sailing in the class to come up with a great all round set of sails. Both mainsail and Jib have been designed with radial clews for stability and longevity. The mainsail is also built with a radial head, to give great control for the leech profile.

The spinnaker has been designed to fly to the maximum projected area and full enough to give maximum drive on the reaches.

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Flying 15 Class Association

Panel Layout Cross cut and Radial Panel Layout Cross cut and Radial
Cloth type RSQ 4 & RSQ5 Contender dacron Cloth type RSQ5
Battens HD Custom Epoxy Wire standard 1×19 3mm, 6mm cover £15.00 extra
Numbers Black Luff Stuff
Cunningham block Hi-load HA2020 Tell tales Included
Sail bag Included Windows Included
Foot Foot Rope Leech Hot cut with flutter patches
Tell tales Included Sail bag Included
Other Specify mast when ordering Price £449.71 inc VAT
Price £1,114.57 inc VAT    
Panel layout Cross cut    
Cloth 0.75oz Dynakote    
Other Please specify bag/chute Boat    
Seams Glued and sewn    
Sail bag Included    
Sail Numbers Included    
Price £795.88 inc VAT