enterprise sailsOur Enterprise sails have been developed from  a mixture of Jim and Andy’s designs. Experience gained from 20+ years in the class, sailing and making sails for top Enterprise sailors Jim and Andy’s designs have won plenty of silverware. 

The mainsail has a radial clew and head with a cross cut middle. The radials give stability in the corners and the x-cut middle gives flexibility in the sail to change shape, great for producing an easy to read sail for up wind and providing plenty of power for off wind. The mainsail will come with 2x foot windows, HD Sails custom epoxy battens, sail licence, numbers/letters, cunningham block and sail bag

For the jib, we have tried to maximise as much area as we can for producing a fast downwind jib. The jib luff entry is cut to make steering the boat as easy as possible. Built with a x-cut panel layout the jib proves easy to set and responds well to changes in sheeting angle. The jib will come with large window, sail licence, luff wire, tell tales and sail bag

Mainsail £967.73 inc VAT

Jib £387.10 inc VAT

Enterprise Class Association