HD Sails have been working with John Gimson in developing their Albacore sails. John was Iain Percy’s training partner in the Star and recently became Olympic medalist in the Tokyo 2020 games, with those commitments he hasn’t managed to be out on the circuit.

Developments took place with John finishing 3rd at his first attempt at the nationals held in Llandudno. More developments over the winter has seen more free area gained in the jib to help downwind performance.

The mainsail and Jib have been made using Contender RS4 which is a high aspect ratio cloth with a fine ripstop. The fine ripstop helps prevent polykote tears and crazing whilst giving great longevity.

Albacore Sails come with windows, tell tales, numbers sail bags and battens

Mainsail £878.90 inc VAT

Jib £376.26 inc VAT

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